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What Else I've Been up to Lately

Yesterday was BIrds at the Burke- a day of public programming at the Burke Museum where bird specimens and their researchers are brought out to inform and entertain visitors.

As part of the Northwest Chapter of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators I volunteered to do drawing demos for this special day. It was a lot of fun! I did as much talking as drawing, and got to work with many young aspiring illustrators. I am hoping to do this again for some of the other public programming days such as

Meet the Mammals and Dino Day.

My hair somewhat obscures it, but notice I am supporting my favorite birds, the St. Louis Cardinals

via my t-shirt. Go Cards!

This summer I helped out at another workshop with my friend, Angela Mele. Angela was preparing her exhibit on slime molds, and was using the talents of Audubon Summer Camp participants to create components of the exhibit. I came along to help facilitate the work of these young artists. Many of the campers' original reactions to slime molds was, "Ew, yuck, gross!" However, I think they softened to the idea after they saw how beautiful slime molds really are when viewed through a microscope.

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